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Published in:
Chinese Crested Champions 1991 - 2000
Dog World, January 2007
(Canine Countrol Council, Queensland monthly magazine)
National Dog - THE Ring LEADER Way
Hairless Dog Feature November 2010

This article is regularly updated particularly the imports and Grand Champions - last update June 2018.


The first evidence of Chinese Crested Dogs in Australia is found in the 1892 Victorian Poultry and Dog Exhibition catalogue.  There were six dogs owned by J Matthews entered in the exhibition, four were for competition only and the other two were in a different class where they were also available for sale. The section in which they were entered was "any other variety or extra stock".  J Matthews was asking 100 guineas for each of the two "Chinese Dogs" he had for sale, an exorbitant price for that time.  It is believed that this high cost was placed on the dogs because the condition was that animals entered in this particular class had to be for sale and the owner did not wish to sell his dogs.


The next mention of Chinese Crested Dogs was in 1973, when Mrs Wyn Jackson(Miniatura) from Western Australia imported two Cresteds from England - Ch Staround Yinga and Ch Staround Zorro.  

Following is the list of Chinese Cresteds imported into Australia up to 2010 as listed with the ANKC. There have also been a number of Cresteds imported from New Zealand, but these dogs originated from Australian Cresteds, the exception being Longshava Lauralei from England.

All Championship titles are Australian, unless otherwise stated.  (Those in green are linked to a photo of the dog, those in yellow only have the pedigree, those in white, I could find no link.)



Ch Staround Yingi

Win Jackson(Miniatura)
Ch Staround Zorro Win Jackson(Miniatura)
Staround Marsa Marie Olive(Kelwalla)
Staround Ohso Marie Olive(Kelwalla)

Ch St Erme Crested Pony      Wendye Slatyer(Calahorra) & Peter Warby
Ch Heathermount Blaze Away       Wendye Slatyer(Calahorra) & Peter Warby
Ch Heathermount Notorious Glenda Goller(Chmkapow)

Longshava Larry Lam Chris Carroll(Eltarin)
Longshava Lucy Lockett Chris Carroll(Eltarin)
Longshava Lindy Loo Chris Carroll(Eltarin)
1979 Acambo's Tang Frank Valley then to ChrisCarroll(Eltarin)
Ch Kojak Komfrey Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
Kojak Karamel (PP) Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
1986 Kojak Knight in Blue Satin Chris Carroll(Eltarin)
1987 Moonswift Mr Magoo of Apocodeodar W & S Stevenson(Apocodeodar)
1988 Ch Kojak Kourtier Anne Pervushin(Vadelle) then exported to New Zealand

Ch Alltot Ace Lin of Apocodeodar W & S Stevenson(Apocodeodar)
St Erme Painted Clown Tim Evans(Nabatean) then to Chris Carroll(Eltarin) then to Jacqui Jennings(Belachi)
St Erme Painted Orchid Tim Evans(Nabatean)
Ch Jokima Journey Louise Ball(Carragheen)
Jokima Josie Louise Ball(Carragheen)
1995 Ch Zucci Perfect Frequency L Green(Qaresa) then to Lyn Williams(Kazlyn)

Ch Moonswift Starship Trooper Julie Dickerson-Franks(Lorroy)
Ch Moonswift Mannequin Julie Dickerson-Franks(Lorroy)
Eng/Hk/Aust Ch Blandora Buttons of Churrasco Daphne Thompson(Amatol) for stud only then to the US

Ch Honebon High Acclaim Daphne Thompson(Amatol)
Ch Honebon Hoodlum Daphne Thompson(Amatol)
US/Aust Ch Gingery's Cheerios Sally & Sylvia Johnson(Xioma)
1998 US Ch Rohan's Little Lion King Louise Ball(Carragheen) semen only
2001 Ch Prefix Smoke On The Water Sally & Sylvia Johnson(Xioma) then co-owned with Rhonda Brown(SaTaMu)
2002 US Ch Gingery’s Toblerone Ms M Murphy
2004 Habiba Viva Latino Phillip Williams(Hashki)
GR Ch Habiba Boys Don't Cry at Wumao Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
GR Ch Zhannels Chip N Dale

Sheree Richards(Sherabil) and Linda Millott(Saxor) then owned by Linda Millott(Saxor)

  Ch Lohamra Laiza Lemonad (PP) Rhonda Brown(SaTaMu)
Stormblastens Fire Walk with Me (PP) Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Am/Can/Aust Ch Crestars Legendary Bruizer Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Lohamras Plum Crazy Sally & Sylvia Johnson(Xioma)
Ch Zalex Beautiful Norwegian Lover Boy Lyn Bardsly(Chinois) then to Sally & Sylvia Johnson(Xioma)
Ch Zhannels Sexational Sheree Richards(Sherabil) and Linda Millott(Saxor)
then owned by Linda Millott(Saxor)
Ch Solino’s Jackpot Contender for Mohawk Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
2009 Ch Vanitonia Too Hot To Handle Cassie Hatfield(Casmai)
2010 Habiba Alba at Keltickisses Bernadette Rafferty(Keltickisses)
Razzamatazz Down Under Thunder Joanne Tilbrook(Goolarabang)
Habiba Oops A Daisy at Wumao Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
Sun-Hee's Live and Love Linda Millot(Saxor) then owned by Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma) and Nicole Catterall
Doucai's Naughty Nite B & C Slavin(Chinacrest)
Can Ch Crestars Pokerface for Mohawk Sandy Adsett and Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Twice as Nice Take the Stage L & H Cadden(Caddara)
2011 US CH Wisperering Lane Last Man Standing Sheree Richards(Sherabill)
Lionheart Kommander Krowe Sandy Adsett and Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
  Zucci Love Bug Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
2012 Twice as Nice Revelation L & H Cadden(Caddara)
Twice as Nice Peep This L & H Cadden(Caddara)
Mano Ponis Cercado S Richards(Sherabill) & J Laszuk(Lilah)
FyreDragon Whisperin de GabriTho (PP) L & H Gibson(Karakush) and J & R Cook(Trimate)
2013 Black Dragon Dark Side of the Moon S & S Johnson(Xioma) 
Forseti's Campari Mojito Amanda Ovens(Poochiekoo)
Mr. No. One Von Shinbashi Sheree Richards(Sherabill)
Edit Can Can Dolce Dea Apriori Heather Harrell(Angelsun)
2015 Forseti's Gentle Breeze Geoff Gilles (Korgil)
Kulana's Deliverance L & H Cadan(Caddara)
2016 Crest'd Label Dressed N Pressed(PP) S Slavin-Foote(Chinacrest)
Golden Diamond Cresteds Michael(PP) Sheree Richards(Sherabill)
Forseti's Hana Lei Bay Geoff Gilles (Korgil)
2018 Prima Donna Z Jasne Hvezdy J A McGrath


Many Australian breeders have also exported their Chinese Crested Dogs to England, United States, Singapore, Sweden and other countries throughout the world.


Australians, in general, have  been breeding sound Cresteds that are competitive at the higher levels of the conformation ring.  There were a number of Chinese Cresteds that have won Best In Group and Best In Show as well as other In Group and In Show awards in the early years, two of which were Ch Eltarin Sugar N Spice and Ch Talukdar Lily Of The Valley.  Special mention should also be made of English import, Ch St Erme Crested Pony, that was awarded Best in Show his first weekend out of quarantine.  Another winning crested, Ch Eltarin Lite N Lovely, in the late 80's, took over 200 In Group and In Show awards,
including multiple Best In Groups and Best In Shows, before she reached two years of age - an amazing achievement.  It is unfortunate that the Grand Champion Award was not available to these grand representatives of the breed(due the title being introduced years later). These early Cresteds began a tradition for the Chinese Crested in Australia, with the breed regularly taking the full range of In Group and In Show awards at conformation shows throughout the country.

Aust Ch Eltarin Lite N Lovely     

Although it is common in Europe to have dogs that are titled in a number of countries, due to Australia's isolation, multi-champions is something that does not occur often.  As more of our Australian Cresteds are exported, here are now a number of Australian bred Chinese Cresteds that are titled in more than one country.  One of the most outstanding has been Xioma Sagebrush, an Australian Grand Champion that travelled to New Zealand where he achieved his New Zealand Silver Champion title prior to returning to Australian shores.


Aust & NZ Ch Xioma Sagebrush




There are only a few Australian Chinese Cresteds that have achieved the conformation title of Grand Champion. This is a relatively new title, introduced in 1998, where dogs have to attain 1000 points(only 100 points are required for title of Champion).  

Therefore, there were a number of Cresteds over the years that missed out on this title. The dogs that have gained the title of Grand Champion are:

Oceanvale Snap Lyn Mawson(Blackheath)
Fayrelyn Dragon Fly Helen Bright(Toyopet)
Lorroy Machu Picchu Lyn Mawson(Blackheath)
Blackheath Up To The Top Lyn Mawson(Blackheath)
Mohawk Mustang Sally Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Blackheath Voodoo Magic Lyn Mawson(Blackheath)
Dachtrec Just Kruising Colleen & Stan Cott(Leechrista)
Mohawk There’s No Escape Geoffrey Gilles
Xioma Fire in the Sky Sally & Silvia Johnson(Xioma)
Xioma Sagebrush Sally & Silvia Johnson(Xioma)
Mohawk Smarty Pants Dr Sandy Adsett
Chinacrest Call Me Jinx Mr B & Mrs C Slavin now owned by Colleen Cott
Habiba Boys Don’t Cry at Wumao (imp UK) Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
Mohawk Rogue Trader Les & Hillary Cadan
Wumao Eskimo Pie Jenny Stembridge(Wumao)
Mohawk In The Line OFire Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Zhannel's Chip'N Dale (imp Fin) Sheree Richards(Sherabil) &
Linda Millott(Saxor) now owned by Linda Millott(Saxor)
Kychie Sparkles Plenty Kylie Friend(Kychie)
Vanitonia Too Hot To Handle (imp UK)

Cassie Hatfield(Casmai)

Sherabill Foreign Liason Julia Brown(Forfigh)
Blackheath Quashawn Lynette Mawson(Blackheath)
Entourage Professional Widow Rebecca Newton(Entourage)
Mohawk Paparazzi Dr Sandy Adsett
Forfigh Fortune Cookie Julia Brown(Forfigh)
Mohawk Promise of Gold Linda Barnes
Karakush Wax On Wax Off L & H Gibson(Karakush) & S & L Toomey
Glanore Storm Breaker Cadiz Kennels


In 2010 the rules for gaining a Grand Champion title in Australia were changed.  This title will no longer be a title for an outstanding example of the breed, but for an outstanding example at an all breeds level.  A dog will still need to attain 1000 points, but also win at In Group or In Show level.



Australia introduced a Supreme Champion, where I dog needs to attain 1000 points, and also win 3 Best in Show or 10 Best in Group awards, with each win under a different judge. With the introduction of this new Supreme Champion title, the Australian Grand Champion rules have reverted to winning 1000 points, the same as pre 2010.

The Chinese Cresteds that have attained the title of Supreme Grand Champion are:


Blackheath Quashawn Lynette Mawson(Blackheath)
Mohawk In The Line OFire Vicki Bridle(Mohawk)
Mohawk Smarty Pants Dr Sandy Adsett
Kychie Sparkles Plenty Kylie Friend(Kychie)
Mohawk Paparazzi Dr Sandy Adsett
Karakush Wax On Wax Off L & H Gibson(Karakush) & S & L Toomey
Hoihoiiti Mandingo Narelle Rabe
Karakush Hairy Krishna Mr J & Mrs S Cook
Karakush Bald N The Beautiful L & H Gibson(Karakush) & K & R Hutchings
Karakush Nothing Up My Sleeve L & H Gibson(Karakush)
Lakenta Ride The Storm Trouper Jodie Cootes(Cadiz)
Casmai Misbehavin Madam Cassie Hatfield(Casmai)
Ertae Leather N Lace Melinda Sterrett(Ertae)
Folkvar Ultimo At Ertae L & H Gibson(Karakush)M Sterrett(Ertae) & C Letson















As of 1 July 2012, dogs that have been neutered may be shown in a special class at Championship Shows.  When the neutered dog has attained 100 points it gains the title of Neutered Champion.

Australia's Neutered Champions are:


Mohawk Thriller Vicki Bridle(Mohawk) & Dr Sandy Adsett
Mohawk Nessun Dorma Linda Barnes
Mohawk Rubies and Diamonds Bethany Bieleny
Chinaroad San Juan Fiona Riley



To my knowledge, we also have a few Cresteds that have been doing the breed proud in the obedience field and also some  achieving one or more Agility Titles:

Blackheath XTC                     

Lyn Mawson(Blackheath)

Zhouzhi Ya Lue

Sandy Adset

Xioma Yum Cha

Leigh Taylor

  Xioma Yum Cha AD, JD, AAD, SAAD. SPD 


Chinese Crested Dogs are becoming popular as therapy dogs.  They bond well with their owners and are very aware when something is not quite ‘right’ with their owner.  ‘Pandi’ from New South Wales is the first accredited Chinese Crested alert dog for Paws for Diabetics, with the number of Cresteds doing this important work gradually increasing.


Chinese Cresteds were first recognised as a breed and shown in Australia in 1973. Only the hairless were recognised at this time, with the powder puff being recognised in 1977 after much campaigning by Aileen Goller(Chmkapow) from Queensland. Breed clubs are gradually developing throughout the states of Australia.  Presently there are three Chinese Crested breed clubs in Australia, Chinese Crested Club of NSW(New South Wales), established in 1994;  The Chinese Crested Dog Club of Victoria Inc, established in 1991;  and The Chinese Crested Dog Club of QLD(Queensland) established in 2006.  The clubs in all three states, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland currently hold speciality shows each year attracting entries of up to approximately 80 per show. Often international speciality judges are invited to judge at these shows.


Our breed clubs are involved in rescue, with Rescue Officers prepared to organise pick up, temporary placement and home relocation. Although our clubs are helpful in this area, many rescues in Australia are done privately when breeders become aware of a Crested in need.  Responsible breeders in Australia usually expect their Cresteds to be returned to them if for any reason the current owners are unable to keep their dogs, thereby reducing the work for our rescue officers.


Currently a number of breeders in Australia are undertaking health testing of their breeding dogs for eyes, hips, shoulders, knees and elbows to  reduce the risk of future generations of Chinese Cresteds being with born with these genetic problems.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) has been identified as a problem that may affect the eyes of Chinese Cresteds.  A few years ago there was a DNA marker test developed for one of the forms of PRA, progressive rod-cone degeneration (prcd), which is found in the breed.  There are a few kennels in Australia that have so far taken the opportunity to carry out this one-off definitive test, and are using it to advantage in their breeding programmes to breed healthier Chinese Crested Dogs.

Recently there has also been a DNA marker identified for Primary Lens Luxation, a painful genetic  problem, that effects some Chinese Cresteds.  In June 2010 this marker was made available in Australia. 


I have found Chinese Cresteds to be an intelligent and loving breed of dog that I wish to share my life with for many years. My hope is that we will always be thoughtful guardians of these special little dogs.  Hopefully the future development of one of the few hairless breeds in the world will not  obliterate the unique characteristics of the Chinese Crested in the aim for the 'ideal' show dog.

(My sincere apologies for any errors or omissions.)





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