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How to Select a Breeder

Finding a breeder can be difficult. Most people who are interested in getting a puppy research different breeds, short list the breeds they think will into their situation, talk to breeders of those breeds, then decide on the breed they would like to have.


A reputable breeder looks at the situation from the opposite side to the buyer, while the buyer is looking for a breed to suit his or her home, the breeder is looking for a home that will suit that puppy.


My advice to finding a reputable breeder for a PET Chinese Cresteds is:

1. The buyer needs to feel comfortable with the breeder.

2. The breeder needs to be willing to have contact with you,the buyer,over the lifetime of the puppy to answer questions, and support you, the buyer.

3. The reputable breeder will health test the sire and dam of the litter. The sire and dam will be prcd PRA DNA tested, and ophthalmologist tested, as a minimum.
The breeder should also be more than happy to show you the originals and give you copies of the tests that have been carried out on the parents of the litter you are looking at.

My advice if you are interested in a SHOW POTENTIAL Chinese Crested:

(Show Potential, means that at a young age, the breeder believes that as an adult the dog will be close enough to the standard for the breed to be shown in conformation shows in the breeder's experienced opinion)

1. All of the above above points PLUS

2. You, the buyer, will need to look into the pedigrees of the breed, including the sire and dam of the litter you are interested in.  A good site to view Chinese Cresteds world wide and their pedigrees is:

3. The breeder should be able to point out the strong and weak points of the parents and the puppies - especially the one you are interested in, and guide you to the one that shows the most potential for the show ring.
4. Enquire as to whether the breeder is active in Conformation Showing.

5. A winning kennel of cresteds may have very good dogs, on the other hand this is not a guarantee - there are many variables to a dog winning in the Show Ring.

6. Take the time to look at as many cresteds as you can. Use the internet to look at as many Chinese Cresteds as you can, go to shows to see them in the flesh and talk to the owners. Start to develop an 'eye for what you think is a good Crested - if a dog doesn't 'look' right, there is probably something structurally wrong with it , even if you are unable to pin point it at this stage.

7. Find a breeder you feel comfortable and that you think will be a good mentor, you will be dealing with this person for years to come. Ask advice, although it is difficult for most breeders to say 'do not' go to such an such a breeder. If the person is testing, they will have a certain reputability. Remember, if a dog is a 'carrier' for prcd, it can be mated to a clear, but the breeder should have a prcd test for the pup - if you are wanting to show.


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